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A Princess in Disguise

On the night of her sixteenth birthday and before her father has the chance to force her to marry a complete stranger, Princess Margaret sneaks away from the riches and safety of the palace. Torn between her fate and freedom, Princess Margaret desperately goes looking for her mother as the answer. In a quest of soul searching and physical hardships, the twist of events may take the readers by surprise, instilling a piece of the story in their hearts.

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April Michelle’s book A Princess in Disguise is such an enjoyable read that she wants to expand on the experience and keep the mindset by designing coloring pages from the illustrations and quotes in her book. Each chapter begins with an illustration of one of that chapter’s events. Now you can relive that event by expressing yourself through color and getting lost for the moment in the story line of A Princesses in Disguise. Feel free to add background and effects to the illustrations, and you may submit your work to April Michelle for possible posting to her website.

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“When I bring up my mother, people quickly change the subject, find something else to do, or simply walk away. I do not know why talking about my mother is so wrong. My father forbids it. Now no one tells me anything. Maybe there is a reason why speaking of her is forbidden. Maybe there is something wrong with her. Did something happen to her? Was my father heartbroken?”